Tandem Trolley for Hams

Functionality of the Tandem Trolley for Hams

The tandem trolley for hams is specially designed to withstand high loads on Twin-Tracks, using double wheels that withstand a hanging capacity of up to 1,500kg.

One of the fundamental elements in the manufacture of this ham trolley is the 17 diameter axle, which has been meticulously made using the AISI-304 stainless steel turning process. The use of this material ensures not only exceptional durability but also corrosion resistance, which is essential to ensure the longevity and performance of the cart in various conditions.

Another crucial component of this carriage is the SKF brand bearing, model 6303zz. This bearing is a rigid single row ball type, and features two shield plates making it particularly suitable for applications where robust load capacity is required. With a dynamic load capacity of 1,350kg and a static load capacity of 655kg, this bearing provides a solid foundation for smooth trolley operation. The assembly process of the SKF bearing is carried out precisely by mounting it recessed into the wheel during the injection process. This ensures that the bearing is perfectly aligned and protected, which in turn contributes to the efficiency and safety of the cart.

The trolley cover, which is located on the top of the wheel and protects the internal components, is made of white polypropylene using the injection process. Polypropylene is a material known for its impact resistance and durability, making it an ideal choice for a lid that must withstand daily wear and tear and varying environmental conditions.

The screws, the spacers and the hanging bridge are essential elements that guarantee the stability and integrity of the cart. They are made of AISI-304 stainless steel, the same material used in the shaft, which ensures consistency in quality and corrosion resistance throughout the assembly.

The long 17mm diameter rollers, made of black nylon, play a crucial role in the functionality of the trolley. This material offers excellent sliding capacity and wear resistance, allowing the cart to move smoothly even under heavy loads.

Finally, the carriage clamps are made of extruded 6063 alloy aluminum, with a T-5 quench treatment. This type of aluminum alloy is known for its strength and lightness, which contributes to the portability and ease of handling of the cart. T-5 temper treatment ensures the rigidity and durability needed to keep the clamps securely in place.

Advantages of our Tandem Trolley for Hams

  1. High load capacity.
  2. Special construction for ham racks.
  3. Greater durability thanks to its manufacturing.

Technical specifications

of our tandem trolleys for hams

Stainless steel manufacturing
Load capacity up to 1,500kg
SKF bearing model 6303-ZZ
Clamps in extruded aluminum alloy 6063 with T-5 tempering treatment
Dual 74mm injection wheels with polypropylene caps to prevent wear on the axle

Data Sheet

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Tandem Trolley

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