The MEC dehairing machine, a must-have machine in a pig slaughterhouse

Mecanova has sent an important customer a MEC 170 dehairing with a production of 50 and 170 pigs per hour.

Within the pig slaughterhouse, hair removal is a process that requires dedication as it is the phase in which the animal’s hair is removed. Having an equipment that achieves optimal production in the shortest possible time is important and gives meaning to the previous scalding and carcass reviewing tasks.

For this reason, in Mecanova we develope efficient teams, understanding the space and the production line, and adapting their designs to these variables. The MEC dehairing machine is one of the most robust, sophisticated and efficient models on the market. And it is a perfect model for both major and minor productions. The main part is made up of one or two shafts -depending on the model-, it incorporates epilating paddles that ensure a perfect finish, preventing the animal’s legs from breaking.


The MEC dehairing machine is doubly actuated, on the one hand, by a gear motor moves the shafts, also incorporating a flexible coupling that reduces the vibrations of the shaft during epilation, in case of obstruction, prevents the motor from breaking, providing safety and extending the useful life of the mechanism. On the other hand, it has two pneumatic cylinders, which actuate a set of comb to exit the animal.

From our workshop in Toledo, we have developed and manufactured one of our MEC 170 epilators to be shipped to a major international customer for their pig slaughterhouse. From its steel construction, to going through galvanizing, placement of shafts, blades, motors and the rest of the components, until its shipment, we show you the process:

Initial assembly of the MEC 170 dehairing for pigs (before going through galvanizing)

Final assembly of the MEC 170 dehairing (after going through galvanizing)