Tunnel of conduction for pigs, safe transportation to the stunned

Achieving a good quality of meat in the pig slaughter process is the objective of all industrialists and for this, a lot of money is invested in pursuit of that objective. Although each and every one of the machines is important, it is usually forgotten or not given the deserved attention to the hauling chute or tunnel of conduction for pigs to the stunning point.

Pigs are animals that are generally not agile, their movements are clumsy, they are not used to walking, they are curious and scared. This means that when they are brought to the stunning point, pen operators have certain conflicts with them, since they do not want to enter the stunning boxrestrainer or CO2 basket.

This driving operation and introduction into the stunning point causes them stress, fatigue and suffering, and in some cases injuries and bruises, which directly affects the quality of the meat and its losses.

Points to take into consideration in the hauling chute

Animals are gregarious, they do not want to go alone, they prefer to go in a group and there is always a leader willing to go first.

The wide driving aisles allow group movement, the sectional doors facilitate progress and prevent going backwards, and arriving at the driving aisle, the way in which it narrows conditions the natural entry, or stressed, of the animal.

Normally, when stunned in a box, it is necessary for the animal to go up the chute, in this case it is important to take into account that the pig does not accept a slope greater than 6%.

When the animal is in the corral, it enjoys a luminosity close to the exterior, but when it has to enter the sleeve they observe that it is much darker, which causes fear.

Once inside the sleeve, the animal continues to increase its fear and stress, it tries to overtake its predecessor, even in some cases trying to go back or get stuck.

In short, the sleeve is the most critical point in terms of animal stress and, on the contrary, it is the point where many industrialists dedicate less attention and investment.


Benefits of tunnel of conduction for pigs

Mecanova’s hauling sleeves have a design that allows the previous critical points to be reduced to the maximum and they do so in the following way:

  • The width of the tunnel is the one that allows the passage of an animal without the possibility of another trying to overtake the one that precedes it.
  • Hexagonal design reducing the width at the base and causing the animal to slip if it tries to grab the side to overtake the other.
  • Made of stainless steel with plates that, depending on the external light, increase or reduce the internal light to cause the animal to walk forward looking for the light at the end of the tunnel.
  • Non-return doors that prevent the animal from going backwards trying to get out.
  • Showers that relax the animal during the waiting time for its turn to arrive.

In short, entrust the hauling hose, restrainer or CO2 Box to an expert to achieve your goal, maximize your investment. We serve our products anywhere in the world, ask us!!!