UVESCO, the cutting room that works like the first day -for more than 10 years- thanks to preventive maintenance

Mecanova has carried out a preventive maintenance action in the UVESCO cutting room in Irún, verifying that since it installed the machinery more than 10 years ago, everything continues to work as it did on the first day.

Preventive Maintenance in the Cutting Room, essential for optimal production

After carrying out a work, maintenance visits by the manufacturer of the installation are essential to check the operation of the machine, ensure that the quality of the elements that compose it is maintained, and ensure that the work carried out meets expectations of the production. Without going any further, Mecanova has been able to verify in its maintenance visit to the cutting plant that it carried out for UVESCO, it continues to function as remarkable as since the day Mecanova began its commissioning.


It has been more than ten years since Mecanova completed the work and set up the cutting room for the UVESCO group, which consisted of the cutting room, storage rooms and expeditions. We recently returned to check the operation and carry out quality checks. How could it be otherwise, we found a satisfied customer, and there is no better quality test than that.

Since 2014, the year of commissioning, UVESCO has developed a remarkable production thanks to the Mecanova facilities, which, together with the machinery in the cutting room, installed the meat track system for the cameras and the loading arms on the docks.

In summary, the quality of the materials used and a precise design of the infrastructure are highlighted, which are the difference between a work and a good work. Thanks to the trust placed in us by our client, Mecanova continues to carry out good and quality works, offering an unsurpassed maintenance and assistance service, and promoting the values and ethics of good work that this family has always followed.