Vertical Spray Scalding for Pigs

Functionality of the Pig Vertical Spray Scalding

The vertical scalding system using showers for pigs is the most efficient and cleanest scalding system for production of 120 pigs per hour or more.

In the constant search for more sustainable and efficient practices in the pork industry, this method not only transforms the way the process is carried out, but also offers significant benefits in terms of energy savings and water conservation.

By adopting vertical scalding, notable energy savings are achieved. By submerging only the head of the pig, the amount of water needed is significantly reduced. This approach not only minimizes water consumption, but also reduces the energy required to heat it, generating a positive impact on the energy efficiency of the operation.

The use of showers in vertical scalding presents an effective solution for water conservation. Compared to traditional methods, such as trawling, where a greater amount of water is required to completely submerge the animal, showers allow for more efficient consumption. In addition, by recirculating the water used, the water footprint of pork production is further reduced.

Thermal efficiency is a crucial component in optimizing vertical scalding. When using showers, significantly less water is heated, resulting in substantial energy savings. This approach not only benefits the production process, but also contributes to environmental sustainability by reducing the demand for resources.

In addition to energy and water savings, vertical scalding by showers allows a shorter scalding time with the same result. This reduction in process time contributes to obtaining higher quality results in the carcass in less time. Furthermore, by avoiding complete immersion, contamination of the carcass is minimized, guaranteeing cleaner and safer final products for the consumer.

Advantages of our Vertical Spray Scalding for Pigs

  1. Achieves higher scalding quality in less time.
  2. Vertical scalding by shower saves 58% in water and steam consumption.
  3. Less space requirement in the work room.
  4. Better scalding quality even on the hanging leg.

Technical specifications

OF OUR Vertical Spray Scalding for Pigs

AISI 304 stainless steel construction
80mm thick stainless steel insulating panels on the top and roof and 60mm on the bottom
5 mm thick stainless steel sheet in the raft
3kW 100m3 Water pumps (No. of pumps according to production)
Pneumatic steam control valves proportional to a tenth of a degree Celsius
Number of pumps according to production
Swing entry and exit doors
Electrical protection, command and temperature control panel with IP65 protection
Automatic filling and level control
Early and scheduled warm-up start
Automatic water renewal control
Zone division option to save water and improve scalding
Interior lights and water intakes for interior cleaning
Maintenance access door
Warning in case of pig falling into the tunnel

Data Sheet

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