Visit to Mecanova by an important Asian customer

In a historic visit for Mecanova, an important Asian customer has toured the company’s facilities, as well as various works carried out, with the aim of strengthening the commercial relationship between both parties.

During the visit, the customer was able to see first-hand the production processes and quality standards that Mecanova uses in its products, from the design and complete planning of slaughterhouse lines, to the manufacture and delivery of the final products. The customer has witnessed the rigor and excellence that characterize Mecanova, which has been key to establishing a relationship of trust and security.

The customer has especially highlighted the quality of the materials used in the products, as well as the precision and meticulousness in the manufacturing process. In addition, he has been pleasantly surprised by the efficiency and speed of delivery, which has been key to consolidating trust between both parties.

The visit has been a great opportunity to demonstrate Mecanova’s capacity and experience in the manufacture of high-quality machinery for the meat industry, which has allowed the client to see first-hand the advantages of working with a leading company in the sector.


In addition, the customer has announced its intention to make a significant investment in the purchase of products from Mecanova, which represents a great opportunity for growth and recognition of Mecanova’s effort and dedication in manufacturing machinery for slaughterhouses. This investment will allow Mecanova to consolidate itself as a relevant player in the Asian market and expand its presence in the region.

The CEO of Mecanova has expressed his satisfaction with the success of the visit and has thanked the trust placed by the client, ensuring that they will do their best to maintain the high level of quality with continuous improvement of manufacturing processes and constant innovation. of the products, to continue offering the best quality to its customers that has allowed them to get to where they are today.

This visit represents an important step in the consolidation of Mecanova as a reference in its sector to continue providing innovative, quality and profitable solutions for its clients, and reflects the company’s commitment to maintaining a strategy based on excellence and constant innovation.