Hopper and Pneumatic Pipe for By-products

Pneumatic Pipe

Efficiency in Waste Treatment

The Pneumatic Pipe is a machine designed for the transport by closed pipe of: slaughterhouse by-products, offals, crushed bones, intestinal contents, etc. ensuring efficient waste management. Designed to facilitate waste treatment, this device becomes an essential tool to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in demanding environments.

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Made of AISI-304 stainless steel, it stands out for its versatility with capacities of 150, 250 and 300 liters. With an approximate load of 150 to 180 kg, it incorporates an efficient loading mouth equipped with a 10″ (Ø250mm) guillotine valve, actuated by a double-acting pneumatic cylinder and AISI-304 gate. The lower outlet, 6 ” (Ø150mm), guarantees an effective release of waste, while the air blowing through nozzles towards the discharge mouth optimizes the process. With a main air inlet of 1 “½” and a working pressure between 5 and 7 Bar, this pneumatic cannon meets loading and unloading standards according to DIN-2576 PN-10. Its resistant construction, with a thickness of ferrules and bottom of 6 mm, is secured by four M-20 studs, providing stability and safety when handling waste.

Hoppers and Silos for Waste Treatment

Efficient Storage

Ensure waste treatment and efficient management of by-products in slaughterhouses with our Hoppers and Silos. Designed to maximize storage capacity and ensure proper management, these equipment become essential elements to optimize processes in slaughter environments. The Silos, specifically designed for the storage of hair-manure or crushed guts-bones, allow loading by pneumatic transport and unloading by gravity truck. Its discharge gates, activated by hydraulic cylinders, guarantee efficient handling. On the other hand, our hoppers are designed for the storage of by-products. Using augers mounted on a perforated bar axis tube. These Augers are driven by gear motors, and the transmission is carried out by chain and sprockets, providing a versatile and effective solution for the specific needs of your slaughterhouse.

Data Sheet

The dimensions adapt to the required capacity, offering versatility for each product. Precision manufactured in AISI-304 stainless steel, our solutions guarantee durability and resistance, providing a reliable option tailored to your specific needs.